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~~"Never connect to ProtonMail using Chrome"~~ -- ... Never be a fool!

How many fools using Chrome till now?

Never connect to ProtonMail using Chrome

My wife and I both have a PM account. Today, I sent her a lengthy email which was quite complex (I'm a writer and she was proofreading me).

She asked me why I was using so many english words and why my sentences were so terrible. I realised that this was not the mail I sent. I checked my Sent mail folder, everything was fine. But, on her computer, my mail appeared like it has been translated from French to English then to French again.

It was very strange so I asked her to check the email on her pho
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No one should use any google products, esp on their phones, disable or unistall any google product. google is the largest surveillance spy ever.

#spy #surveillance #privacy #restoreprivacy

Nah, my choice not to use if i don't want to use. If I disable or unistall it, why would I care about the options. I don't want to use google products. I rather use better services, better apps, better programmes. Its your failure to understand my point.

@sam, Almost correct. Brave uses chromium as base.
I don't know brave well enough but I am currently using chromium without google authentication. And I have several privacy addons active like ABP+, Ghostery, ublock origin and privacy badger..