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Update is out for

Mostly some UI updates to the filters and such, some change in colours and some bug fixes.

Release notes:

Always looking for PHP coders &&&& Designers for UI work for the project!

#diaspora #podmin #thefederation #podmins #poduptime #federation #hubzilla #friendica

Keep up the good work!

I love it! The wizard is "okay" but the new filters etc. are awesome!

At least if you know the network and how it works this is brilliant and very usefull! Thank you!

@Deus Figendi What are your thoughts on the wizard?
It's an initial attempt and surely has the potential to grow, so we're all ears to hear your ideas!

Well I wrote a similar thing (it's offline at the moment I think…).

I'd say the new user will not know what is a "good" size of a pod I would setup a useful range for those.
And I think it might be a good idea to have to option to group the countries in regions or continents or similar…