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Google sunsetting "notification bell" effective March 7th

So yet another Google tool is about to die: no more notification bell icon thingie... oh well. The instructions you'll find at "more information" ( ) clearly indicate all you'll be left with is push browser notifications, and you'll need to set those up one #google app at a time. Some random thoughts about #SEO vs #privacy and how PBN work.

Every single click on one of these push browser #notifications a.) is key to transparency about user interaction and habits and b.) reveals on which platform users are. If Google thinks there might be... Show more...

Meine Güte, da wurde ich heute aber mal ordentlich #durchgeliked während ich arbeiten war XD

alles vom gleichen Account (den ich hier nicht verrate, ich weiß ja nicht ob's ihmihr recht ist).

#like #notification #notifications #gefälltmir