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Matrix [-] Telegram bridge

We're now hosting a bridge between our #Matrix server and #Telegram.

While due to the way the bridging works, some advanced functionality like read receipts and
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@Federated Networks Association now has a Patreon site, and so do we. For non-profits like ours, small reliable monthly gifts are a much better way to remain sustainable than random larger donations. If you're already a Patreon user, it will only take a few seconds to send us each a buck or two and help support federated networks. Thanks in advance!

#feneas #gibberfish #federation #patreon

### Patreon funding

Should you want to support #Socialhome with cold hard cash, we'd be ever so grateful, and you can now do so via

All donations will go towards making run smoothly and to keep the author supplied with #beer and #coffee 😀

#patreon #funding

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Just wrote a letter to Members of European Parliament from six countries asking them to reject Article 13. Two of them host my projects and I just like other four. I honestly believe things like Copyright Directive have global impact no matter where you live. You can write your own
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Feneas annual winter meeting January 2019
> The Federated Networks Association invites its members to an annual winter meeting as set in the rules. The meeting will be held on Sunday the 27th of January, 2019 at 6pm UTC.


We are about halfway to our goal of raising $5k today!

Thanks to your help, the Tor onion has made it to Latin America.

If we raise just $2,530 more in the next 9 hours, we will release a fun surprise!

Help us get there: #OnionTravels

So #Feneas stand application for #FOSDEM submitted 💪

If it is approved (11th November), we would be happy if various #federated web projects could provide us with some up to date information that we can present at the stand. Preferably also physical material, if possible, in the form of stickers, flyers, etc. Either delivered to the stand or mailed to someone who is coming. We would like to be able to provide people at FOSDEM with a good view of what the federated web consists of.

Will give a proper call out for info & materials if the stand is accepted. If you don't know what Feneas is, info here 😀

#fediverse #thefederation

Update is out for

Mostly some UI updates to the filters and such, some change in colours and some bug fixes.

Release notes:

Always looking for PHP coders &&&& Designers for UI work for the project!

#diaspora #podmin #thefederation #podmins #poduptime #federation #hubzilla #friendica